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January 2 - March 4, 2009
Opening Reception February 6, 6PM - 8:30PM

Draw from the shapeless moment
Such pattern as you can.
- Edna St. Vincent Millay

"You could paint from your imagination, … but in order to produce a photograph you had to put yourself within a visual range, you had to be there and that locus carried with it its own intimacy."
- Marianne Wiggins, The Shadow Catcher

I have always thought that the brilliance of photography is that it shows us the purely visual world before we contaminate it with our aesthetic, social, and moral values. It is this quality that I honor in my photographs.

I do not manipulate the image to make things more than they are- cuter, more heartwarming, more dramatic, more disturbing. Rather, I explore the dynamics of color and composition within a set of specific objects in a specific place.

I describe in order to create intimacy.

I stick to the scale, focus, and framing that feels most real to me.

My subject value is incidental, merely what I run across in my daily life. I love flowers.

I strip myself away as much as possible.

I hope to take you on a visual journey. This is what I saw in this time period.

- Bee Ottinger, 2008