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Photographs by Carl Berg
May 1 - June 2, 2009
Opening reception: May 1, 5:30- 8:30pm

My artistic task is to notice and reflect: finding the artful in the ordinary, the depth and complexity in the superficial and the detail in the unnoticed, a parallel process to my professional psychological pursuits. My photographic images are intended to diminish the distinction between the world of the photographic image and that of other visually artistic productions. Through the freezing and recording of a moment in time between the documenter and the subject, my images intend to evoke a narrative about the subject, which the viewer can identify, engage or perhaps intuit in a uniquely interesting and individualistic way. The task for me is to identify elements of expression in subjects not ordinarily seen as communicative and thereby project and impose the observerís understanding and relationship onto this otherwise blank and unexpressive screen. My images are not premeditated, constructed or creatively lighted, but are expressive of the spontaneous nature of that instant opportunity, unlikely to be presented again.

~ Carl Berg