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Terra Emota : Photographs by Chip Forelli
June 3 - June 29, 2011
Opening Reception June 3, 2011 6:00 - 8:30pm

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Terra Emota : Photographs by
Chip Forelli

“My creative quest is the discovery of visual gifts - those precious instances of unrevealed beauty that  we unknowingly encounter every day.  Much is to be gained by embracing these opportunities. 

Experiencing beauty, whether occuring naturally or introduced by the hand of man, is a primal need in society that I would put on par with the need for sustenance and love.  To convey it, we have relied largely upon the arts through the ages.  However, beauty is in short supply in the art world today, so I
want to do my part in redirecting our attention to that which elevates and enriches the spirit and gives us hope - our society needs this more than ever.  An integral part of this process is the rekindling of the qualities of childhood that should never have been lost - curiosity, exploration, discovery and wonder.  It takes some effort, but the payoff is great.  We need to literally and figuratively unplug the TV - to detach ourselves from the piped in influence of a tabloid/sitcom/reality TV culture that dulls down our senses while acting as a substitute for imagination.  Once we do this, we open ourselves to the possibilities.  And then , with no preconceived notions clouding our vision, we can recognize and celebrate beauty - it feeds and replenishes the soul.

The emotional high I experience when encountering these visual gifts is relived through the making of expressive photographic prints of these overlooked and underestimated, but finally vindicated subjects.”

Chip Forelli’s photographic career encompasses 25 years as a professional photographer with international gallery representation and publication credits including the cover and a feature profile in Communication Arts as well as articles in Photo District News, Graphis, Lenswork, Rangefinder and Lürzer’s Archive.  His images have been incorporated into all Apple Macintosh operating systems as desktop background choices. Solo exhibitions of his work have been at the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Mercedes Benz Gallery of New York, the Art Institute of Atlanta, the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies and Hoopers Gallery in London, England.  In reviewing the shows, the New York Times has noted, “These photos cover an impressive range of ideas and interpretations... revealing uncanny simultaneous experiences with alternating haze and hard edged clarity... absorbing examples that tease perception and
intense compositions that bring in an otherworldly lighting contribute to a spiritual quality.”
In addition to photographing purely for himself, Forelli’s travels also take him on assignment where he works with prestigious advertising and corporate clients photographing campaigns for BMW, Land Rover, AT&T, Eastman Kodak and pro bono work for Doctors Without Borders.

Originally trained as an architect and musician, Forelli was drawn to photography because it shared with architecture and music “the demand for a fine balance between aesthetic sensibility and skill in craft.  If you alter the balance, you run the risk of becoming overly conceptual or preoccupied with technique.” 

Forelli has lectured and gives seminars at PhotoPlus Expo, the Art Directors Club of New York and numerous photographic organizations.  He also has taught at the International Center of Photography in New York City and the Maine Media Workshops in addition to leading independent workshops overseas.  Top awards have been given to him from Communication Arts, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Lürzer’s Archive, Graphis, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the American Society of Media Photographers.

Chip Forelli lives in the Upper Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania with his wife Gloria and three sons, Jake, Cris and Ryan.