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Photographs by Jim Gavenus
December 18, 2004 - March 30, 2005
Opening Reception December 18, 2004; 1PM - 4PM

Jim Gavenus specializes in documentary/editorial photography. His projects emphasize the struggles of man while capturing the beauty of the human spirit. His work can be seen in numerous publications and has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country.

In his project Faces of Haiti, he captures the beauty of this island country and its people, while the photographic essay, Near Death, examines the strength, courage and love of life exhibited by individuals as they face death. Near Death has been widely published and most recently won First Place in the Gordon Parks Documentary Photography Competition.

Currently he photographs life in rural Alabama and people active in the 1960's civil rights movement. This story, Southern Accents, takes us to a place lacking many of the material possessions life may offer, but is rich in culture, personality and history.

The images were made while making friends and traveling the back roads of Alabama in search of towns such at Smut Eye, Needmore and Realtown. The photographer came to an unfamiliar place and found an open seat on a stranger's porch. He found people who welcomed him into their homes, fed him at their tables, educated him about their past and shared their rich culture and personality.

These experiences have built an intimate body of work that will be exhibited at Camera Work. The images examine these lives and allow the viewer to experience the true beauty of the south and the photographer's passion for creating pictures rich in personality.