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Photographs by Rob Lettieri
April 2nd 2005- June 1st 2005
Opening Reception April 9th 2005 2PM-5PM

Rob Lettieri photographs people. He enjoys travelling and observing other cultures. Rob speaks enthusiastically about the St. Ubaldo Festival and the pictures:

The St. Ubaldo Day Festival in Jessup has the energy, passion and intensity that you might travel half way around the world to see. Last year I decided to photograph the event after having seen it once before in 1989. I came away with images that show the marriage of heritage, festival and culture between two countries: Italy and the United States, where the annual festivals are held.

I traveled to Italy in the 1990's and saw the energy and intensity of the festival in Gubbio and that same energy happens here in Jessup. Though it's a colorful event I chose to concentrate instead on the soul of the festival in black and white. Thousands of people turn out to see an event almost like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain each July except that three different teams run downhill (and then uphill) carrying 600 pound statues of Saints on their shoulders.

For me it's no different than documenting a wedding: I'm challenged to show the nature of people and their association with ritual, ceremony and their desire to thrive. Please take the time to see the exhibit and don't miss the festival this year held over the Memorial Day weekend.

Rob Lettieri lives in Scranton and has traveled and photographed in almost 50 countries. He has had a successful studio and private gallery at 1610 Wyoming Avenue in Scranton since 1988. Whether photographing weddings or doing commercial work, his pictures are about observing people.

Rob Lettieri's Studio

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