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Photographs by Ivana Pavelka
November 5th - December 31, 2010
Opening Reception November 5, 2010 6:00 - 8:30pm

Recent Work: On Time

Time is felt in different ways, never still and yet sometimes stopped. Never seen, time is not a clock, but it shows on one’s face. Time is long or short depending on where you stand. It has a color of the afternoon sun, a shape of a shadow passing by and a smell of fallen leaves transforming into the ground. See time backwards as a line, as transitions in one’s life, or as the cycle of twelve months. Time is precious, but also waste, and has the sound of ocean waves.  A split second is everything when capturing a photograph…  

The images were created in a camera without manipulation in Photoshop. The prints are printed using a pigment ink on archival-quality paper.

~Ivana Pavelka