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Photographs by Bernd Reinhardt and Giancarlo Mori
July 3, 2009 - September 1, 2009

This exhibition presents the work of two European photographers living in Los Angeles. Their photography is keenly concerned with "place" and "time" and offers an opportunity to reflect on how the modern world can be seen through the lens of a camera. Whether in color or black & white, in the streets of Los Angeles or in a domestic setting, their photographs show a world that on the surface looks familiar and conventional. Viewing the work of these two photographers side by side in one exhibition however, reveals how individual sensibilities and artistic point of view create two very different personal interpretations of contemporary reality.

Bernd was born in Germany, studied English and Biology at the University of Heidelberg, and later graduated from the University of North Carolina with an MFA in Film and Video Production. Bernd has been living in LA since 2000, working as cinematographer for television.

Born in Italy, Giancarlo has been pursuing art photography since the early 1980s with a particular focus on black and white photography. He holds an MSc from the University of Florence. Giancarlo currently lives and works in LA.

Photographer, writer, and critic Ben Lifson has been mentoring both Bernd and Giancarlo since 2007.