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Photographs by Rolfe Ross
August 4th 2005 - October 5th 2005
Opening Reception Saturday August 6th 2005, 1PM - 4PM

La Huerta/ San Gabriel Chilac…Puebla, Mexico
10.28.2004- 11.04.2004

Two locations; two events, La Matanza and Dio De Los Muertos, share a long and honored historical tradition in south central Mexico.

The photographs in this show chronicle a common thread, namely, death. La Matanza or The Slaughter documents an old and revered tradition in Mexico, that of a goat sacrifice.

Each year in late October, entire families, infants thru grandparents gather at Hacienda La Huerta and other farms in Mexico to participate in this ages old tradition. This is the time of the year that the goats are in prime condition. Originally a religious based celebration, the annual slaughter has evolved into a more economically based event which provides work and food for many families and also provides the basis for the famous "mole de cadera" or goat stew, a local favorite in the restaurants of the region.

Dia De Los Muertos or Day of The Dead is a reconnecting by Mexican families with their loved ones who have died during the previous year and who believe the spirits of the departed ones return to the cemetery for this occasion. The grave sites are refurbished, spruced up and covered with fresh flowers and indeed, food and treats for the coming spirits. The families keep an all night vigil at the gravesite with their dear relative's spirits.