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Photographs by Ivana Pavelka and Ted Harrison
Costumes by Marian Wezmar
May 2nd- June 1st, 2008
Opening Reception May 2nd 5:30-7:30pm

"Still and Silent", a series of photographs of mannequins, is the result of a loose collaboration between photographer Ivana Pavelka and New Jersey-based photographer Ted Harrison over the course of several months.

The exhibit offers the viewer a chance to experience the uncanny way in which these inanimate representations of ourselves are able to bring out a range of emotional responses in us; some immediate and familiar, others somewhat eerie and less distinct.

For both photographers, there is a familiar sense of play in the approach to the mannequins which recalls childlike play with dolls or action figures, though the figures in "Still and Silent" were arranged by the photographers only through the lens of the camera; otherwise, they remained untouched in the environments in which they were found. Like children's toys, the mannequins are depicted in various states of care, from lovingly decorated and reverently presented to discarded, disassembled, and broken.

The photographs of the mannequins become a collaboration, extending from the person who posed and decorated them, to the photographers who reinterpreted them, and on to the viewer who will take his or her own interpretations with them from the photographs.

Marian Wezmar is a fine arts student at Keystone College. There, she collaborates with members of the theater program to create costumes for their performances. The handmade costumes on exhibit are modern interpretations of figures from Shakespearean literature and ancient Greek culture. Her presentation is more of a direct manifestation of the photographs, in that they are displayed on actual mannequins.