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Photographs by Ward Roe
October 6 - December 6
Opening reception October 6, 2006, 5 PM - 7:30 PM

As with many photographers, my image making process involves the creation of hundreds, perhaps in some cases thousands of individual pictures which are then subjected to the scrutiny of repeated hard edits. The decisions by which an image "makes it" to some final form can be dictated by personal taste at a particular time, physical time in the sense that it is impossible for most photographers to print all their work, and the final purpose for the images being produced, whether for an exhibition, project, or publication.

Working on this exhibition provided an opportunity for me to take a look at my newest images in the context of some of the things I had done in the past. Overall, there appears to be some sense of continuum, and I find pictures that I made yesterday uncannily relative to pictures I made ten years ago. Themes and subjects resurface, perhaps with some variation, but at their core they are very similar and consistent. That said, changes in thought and approach over time are comforting evidence of progress.

People, Places, Things is therefore thematic and groups images according to their relationship to one another regardless of their chronology. Subject matter includes landscape in a most general sense, pictures based on iconography and pop culture, and the human figure. Some of the pictures are quirky, atypical viewpoints or banal subjects photographed in ways that alter their context. In some cases these are downright funny. Other pictures are sadly poetic and tinged with melancholy. Something for everyone as they say.

Ultimately some of these photographs are among my personal favorites. Many I have kept around for awhile just to look at and decide their fate. Usually I like them for a variety of reasons but sometimes ask the question "Where do they fit?" I've decided now they "make it," at least in the context of eclecticism, and they deserve a chance to be seen. People, Places, Things is opportunistic. Prom night for pictures.

Ward Roe
August 2006